laugh your way to a better marriage

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage

“I don’t understand why this is so difficult!” I mumbled under my breath as I was washing the huge pile of dishes in the sink. He knows I hate when he leaves food in the bowls and then puts them in the sink! Why doesn’t he just do what I ask him to do?! It would be so much easier on me if he would stop doing this!


If you know me really well, you know I despise doing dishes. I would rather scrub the toilet with a toothbrush than touch a dirty dish that has been sitting in the sink for days. Just something about the smelly water and old food stains makes me want to hurl. My husband hates doing laundry just as much as I hate doing dishes. So, we finally ended up making an agreement. He does the dishes, I do the laundry.

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dream come true

Can You Have a Dream Come True Marriage?

I am so excited to welcome Natalie from Milk and Honey Faith as a guest poster today! Do you have a “dream” marriage? Are you wondering if it will ever come true? Natalie shares how God transformed her marriage into the dream she wanted to make a reality. Please leave an encouraging and thoughtful comment and let her know how much this post spoke to you!

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how to truly become one with your husband

How to Truly Become One With Your Husband – Plus Free Printable Prayer Cards!

My husband and I have always felt connected as one, even before we were married.

During our dating years, we were not one physically, but we always felt like the same person emotionally and spiritually. For the most part, we always think the same way. He knows what I’m going to say before I even say it. I know what he is going to do before he even does it. We have the same values, same goals, same style, and same outlook on life. We just click, and we always have. We strongly believe that when God was creating us, He made us specifically for each other.

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what losing loved ones has taught me

What Losing Loved Ones Has Taught Me

How Losing Loved Ones Changes You


I’ve been at a loss for words as to what to write about this week. I’m kind of hoping that the words will come to me as I sit here staring at my computer screen.


Considering what all has happened in my life this past week, you would think I would be exploding with words. But I’m having a hard time turning the feelings I have into actual, meaningful words.

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emotional barriers

Breaking Down Your Spouse’s Emotional Barriers

Wives, you know that feeling you get when you just glance over at your husband, see how handsome he is, and realize that you just love him so much? You still wonder, after all these years, how you found such a wonderful person to share your life with, and realize how much God has blessed you by giving you him.

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how to forgive

How to Have the Strength to Forgive

Are you struggling with forgiveness? I know how firsthand how hard that can be. Learn how to forgive from my experiences.

My husband and I are completely addicted to a TV show on Netflix called Once Upon A Time.

Anyone who knows us knows that we are complete Disney freaks. We absolutely love the classics like Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, and Cinderella.

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Thank You, Jesus

These words that I’m writing wont ever adequately describe the gratitude and love I have for you. I love the way David Crowder puts it in his song, Forgiven:

“I could have been six feet under
I could have been lost forever
I should be in that fire, but now there’s fire inside of me
Here I am a dead man walking
No grave’s gonna hold Gods people
All the weight of all our evil lifted away forever free
Who could believe? Who could believe?
Forgiven, forgiven, You love me even when I don’t deserve it
Forgiven, I am forgiven, Jesus Your blood makes me innocent,
So I will say goodbye to every sin, I am forgiven”

I just want to say thank you. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for everything you have ever done for me, given to me, and taken away from me. Thank you for taking every single sin that I have ever committed and ever will commit, and hanging it on the cross by shedding your blood. Thank you so much, for taking the punishment for every bad thing I have ever done. You did nothing to ever deserve
what was done to you on that cross, but I deserved it all and so much more. You didn’t have to do that for me, but because You did it saved my life. I deserve to wear that crown of thorns and to be brutally beaten to death. I deserve to go to hell. But you loved me so much, that you took my place on that cross. Your blood has made me free, and there is no way I could EVER repay you. You did that so I could be saved and be in heaven with you for eternity. All I can do is say thank you, and live my life for You and only You.

Jesus, help me to always remember all that you have done for me. Help me to show the same compassion and love that You show me, to others. Help me to remember when I am hurting or upset with someone, or angry at them for something they did, that we are both human. We are both sinful creatures, and we both deserve much less than what we have. They are just like me, made from dust and inevitably we will all turn back to dust. So when I get caught in the lie that tells me they don’t deserve forgiveness, help me to remember what You did for me. This is something I struggle with on a daily basis, and You know that. You know everything, and You know more than anyone how hard it is to forgive because you forgave us all for nailing You to that cross. If You can forgive us for killing you and putting you through such a horrible and agonizing death, I can forgive someone who has done me wrong. It won’t be easy, but it is what You call me to do. That is the best way I can even come a step close to thanking you adequately.

Jesus, I love you so much. Help me everyday to give what you have given to me. Help me unconditionally love others like you have loved me. Thank you, Jesus for everything you have blessed me with.