love letter

A Love Letter to My Husband on a Day When I Don’t Feel Too Good about Myself

To my sweet husband,

I know you probably get tired of hearing me complain on days like this.

Some days I just wake up, look in the mirror, and realize how disgusted I am with myself. The way I look, the way I talk, and the way I dress just repulses me at times. I ramble on about how my pants are too tight, my face is broken out, and my hair just won’t do what I want it to do. I complain about my failures and tell you how I’m a horrible wife whose house isn’t spotless or even remotely clean for that matter. I don’t always have everything together. I get lazy and run behind on things. I don’t always love you like I should and that burns me to my core.

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5 things i wish i knew before marriage

5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Marriage

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Getting engaged is such an exciting time for every couple! It’s a time when you realize that your life is about to change forever in an unbelievably amazing way. It’s a moment when you take the next step towards making a commitment to be with the one you love, forever. When you look at that ring, you see a symbol of your unending love for another person and you begin to thank God endlessly for answering all your prayers. I know I felt that way when I got engaged! I often reminisce on Steven’s proposal to me and what a special day it was for both of us.

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