A Father’s Day Letter to my Dad Who Was Taken Too Soon

Happy 14th Father’s Day in heaven, daddy.

14 years. That doesn’t even seem possible. I even had to double check to see if my calculations were right. It can’t be that long ago, because it feels like yesterday that you left us way too soon.

You didn’t even get to see me grow up. You didn’t get to see the little 6 year old girl you left behind grow into who she is now. I remember looking back at pictures of the day I was born. You were holding me and crying your eyes out because you couldn’t believe I was your baby girl. Then I came across a picture of us at Disney World (as you know this was our favorite place). I was about 4 years old and you had me on your lap in one of the old character house replicas. We were smiling and happy as can be, just because we were together. I miss your smile.

Father's Day

Father's Day

I miss your hugs and kisses and the way you smelled when you’d scoop me up in your arms. I miss your voice and the way you used to do goofy dance moves with us in the yard. I miss riding the John Deere Gator with you and sitting outside with you while you worked on your old yellow camero that we loved taking rides in so much.

Father's Day

But most of all, I missed you at my 18th birthday and when I graduated high school. I missed you at every father daughter dance and Father’s Day luncheon, and all those dance recitals you couldn’t attend. Most of all I missed you at my wedding. You weren’t able to give me away to the man of my dreams like I’m sure you always thought you would.

Every Father’s Day gets harder and harder knowing that you aren’t here. I hate that you won’t know your grandchildren and they will never get to know their grandpa. I hate that you aren’t here to support me and pray for me through everything I go through.

I know God had a reason and a plan for your death, but it still doesn’t make it easier. There’s not a day that goes by when I don’t miss you or wish you were here. Thankfully though, God has comforted me so much through these years and I would be in the grave without Him. Your death rocked my world but I didn’t completely crash because He was always with me. Even in the short six years I knew you, you taught me that God loves me so much and that He always knows best, even when I think I know better. Thank you for preparing me for your death even when you didn’t know you were.

I love you daddy, and I miss you so much. I hope you’re having the best day in heaven.

Love always, your daughter.

Are you grieving your father on this Father’s Day? Remember that God loves you, and He is near to the broken hearted. All you have to do is reach out. Leave your prayer requests in the comments!


20 Replies to “A Father’s Day Letter to my Dad Who Was Taken Too Soon”

  1. Oh wow! Those memories are a true blessing. I am so thankful I have some great ones too, that I carry with me. It has been 3 years since my father relocated to his new home in Heaven. Most days it feels like it’s been an eternity since I saw him last, but at the same time, it still feels like he passed away yesterday! I hold tight to the good memories and look forward to the day I get one of his great big hugs in Heaven. ❤

  2. Aww, Madison, This is such a sweet post. My daddy died in December so this is my first Father’s Day without him. No matter how old you are it’s always too soon. I still can’t believe my daddy is gone, but I am thankful for the many years I had him. Your photos tell the story of your daddy’s love for his little girl and so wonderful you have been able to make it through life intact, emotionally and mentally….love had hugs. sweet memories

    1. Thank you so much Renee ❤ and I am so sorry for loss as well. My dad died on December 17th, so that’s a hard time of year for me too. You are so right and it’s so great to have those memories. Love and hugs to you 💙

  3. Bless you Madison! I lost my husband in 2010 to a motorcycle accident…2 days before his 37th birthday. Our son was 17 at the time. Oh, to this day our son struggles! They were literally best friends…playing pool, dirt bike riding, working on old cars! The pain never goes away. It kind of lays dormant in your body and every now and then, like now, something brings on the tears. My son really struggled when my grandson was born in 2012, that my husband wasn’t here. He will never know our precious grandbaby and our grandson will only know the stories that are told and the photos that hold the memories.

    We have to just continue to honor those that we lost…thank God for the time we had, keep their photos out, share their stories. 🙂 Thank you for sharing your story. I think it’s easy to feel like you are the only one with these thoughts and feelings. It always feels good to know you’re not alone.

    1. Oh Amanda, I am so sorry for you and your sons loss! I can say I know exactly how he feels. It kills me that my kids won’t get to know their grandad, but God had a reason and I continue to trust Him. You are so right, we just have to keep their memory alive. Thank you so much for sharing your story ❤

  4. My heart truly breaks for you. I am from a single mother so fathers day was always just another mothers day for us. Praying for you to have a week of joy and happiness after such a stressful Sunday.

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