Strawberry Picking Date – Plus FREE Printables!

Treat yourself to some fun in the sun with your sweetheart! Then head back home for an even sweeter treat!


Picking strawberries has been a tradition in my family for as long as I can remember!    Almost every spring when I was a child, my mom would load my brother and I in the car and we would head down the road to our (amazing!) local strawberry farm. Every year they allow guests to come out in the fields with a basket and pick their own strawberries! We always had the best time and made memories that I will definitely cherish forever.

Since spring is finally here and the strawberries are in full bloom, I decided my hubby and I should take a visit there ourselves! I wanted us to be able to make our own memories there too, and of course, it doubled as an awesome date idea!


Even though strawberry picking is fun on its own, I wanted to do something extra special with this date. I also knew we wouldn’t be out picking strawberries too long, so I didn’t want us to get back home and sit on our phones the rest of the day with nothing else to do! My husband and I LOVE cooking and baking, so I thought, why not whip up a treat with all those yummy strawberries we just worked so hard to pick!


I didn’t want to just whip up any old treat, though. So that’s when I came up with this super fun game idea!


Have you seen the show “Chopped”? It’s a cooking show where chefs have to create a delicious dish using only the ingredients the show gives them. The catch is that usually the ingredients are strange and don’t “normally” go together. That’s where I got my inspiration!


So how does this date work?


First, make sure you have some (or all) of the ingredients for the cooking game!


The ingredient cards should be divided into two different categories: sweet and savory. Most of these you will already have on hand. If you don’t, no need to make a special trip to the store! Just use what you have and don’t use the other ingredient cards. If you aren’t feeling brave and don’t want to try any of the “unusual” (savory) ingredients, just use the “sweet” ingredients and be creative with it! This game is completely customizable! Also, make sure you have all your printables ready to go before you leave for the farm. That way, you can jump right into the game when you get home!


Next, go to your local strawberry farm (or even a farmers market will do) and pick some strawberries.


You can pick however much you want for this game! It’s all up to you. Enjoy this time together! Talk, laugh, and enjoy each other’s company! I can tell you, Steven and I had a BLAST!



When you get home, put on your aprons! It’s time to get in the kitchen!


Refer to the instructions card and get creative! Easy peasy and SO MUCH FUN!


This was such an awesome date day for me and my hubby to get away and unplug for a while! It’s also really inexpensive and we had so much fun just being with each other and laughing together. I hope you and your spouse will enjoy this date as much as my hubby and I did!


Grab your FREE Strawberry Picking Date Printables here!


8 Replies to “Strawberry Picking Date – Plus FREE Printables!”

  1. Oh I wish there was a strawberry farm around where I live.. I would love to do this with my hubby and kids! 🙂 Love Love Love strawberries!!

  2. You guys are too cute. I love your ideas!! I tried to pin but it was your picture not the graphic, any ideas on how to pin the graphic?

    1. Thank you so much! 😊 hmmm, that’s weird! I just checked and the pin it button is on the graphic. Maybe try clicking on the picture and hold it down until the pin it button comes up? If not, let me know and I can send you the link! 😊

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