Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage

“I don’t understand why this is so difficult!” I mumbled under my breath as I was washing the huge pile of dishes in the sink. He knows I hate when he leaves food in the bowls and then puts them in the sink! Why doesn’t he just do what I ask him to do?! It would be so much easier on me if he would stop doing this!


If you know me really well, you know I despise doing dishes. I would rather scrub the toilet with a toothbrush than touch a dirty dish that has been sitting in the sink for days. Just something about the smelly water and old food stains makes me want to hurl. My husband hates doing laundry just as much as I hate doing dishes. So, we finally ended up making an agreement. He does the dishes, I do the laundry.

We had an extremely busy week, so the housework was put on the back burner. The laundry was piled high and so were the dishes. As much as I hate doing dishes, I don’t like seeing them piled up either. It makes the whole house smell! Steven had some studying he had to do, so I took over the dishes for him this time. There had been plenty of times that he did the laundry for me, so I wanted to help him out.


Long story short, I ended up being a brat (the usual!). I snapped at him for leaving food in the bowls, and it turned into an argument. I shouldn’t have even gotten mad since he had done the laundry for me many times before, but you couldn’t tell me that at the time. We were late for church, so I was already annoyed about that. The dishes were just the icing on the cake!


The funny thing is, though, in the middle of our argument I got this weird feeling that I needed to laugh. I was so mad, but yet I was laughing! Looking at me, Steven couldn’t contain himself. We both started laughing with tears rolling down our cheeks. We had no clue why were laughing!


Soon enough, we forgot what we were even arguing about!


Laughter broke the tension between us and kept us from arguing. It dissolved the conflict right then and there.


I believe wholeheartedly that laughter is one of the best remedies for a broken marriage.


My husband and I love to laugh together (even when we aren’t arguing!). I know you’ve heard the quote “Laughter is the best medicine”, and it’s true! When we laugh with our spouse, we are connecting. We are bonding. We have joy!


Marriage is a friendship. It means having someone to stand by your side through the good, bad and ugly. It means having someone to lift your spirits when you’re discouraged and making you laugh even when you don’t feel like it. Laughter can get me out of the deepest pits of depression and despair, and I believe it can do wonders for your marriage too.


God wants us to laugh with our spouse! He wants us to enjoy each other all of our days. I truly believe He has a great sense of humor Himself, and wants us to have one too!


If you and your spouse are going through a rough time, laugh with each other! When you feel like arguing or when things aren’t going your way, make each other laugh. Watch funny videos, tell funny stories, or reminisce on old memories that make you giggle every time you hear them. Love each other well! I can guarantee you won’t regret it.
How has laughter benefited your marriage? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!


20 Replies to “Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage”

  1. I agree! I think making my husband laugh is what made him really fall in love with me. EverytIme I do or say something silly (not always on purpose) he laughs and says “man, I love you!” My husband is a very quiet person. Many people ask me “does he ever talk at home?” I always tell them they have no idea! He keeps me rolling and he is so silly when he is with our son and myslef. There is something so special and intimate about being able to see him this way and it makes our relationship even more special because I get to see a part of him that most don’t. That say “Live. Laugh. Love.”In order to live and love you need to LAUGH!

    1. This was beautiful! And so true! My husband is the same way, and you are so right. There is something so intimate about being able to laugh together! ❤️

  2. I love this! I’m usually on dishes and hubby is usually on laundry but it’s always good to help each other. We just had an annoying argument today, so maybe we should try laughing too and get over it. 😉 Thanks for the positive approach!

  3. My husband is a pretty introverted person, but one of the perks of being married to him is that I get to experience his humor. So it makes it even more helpful when we are getting through the muck, because I know he pretty much saves his humor for me. It’s a good reminder of our bond. Nice article. We all need to laugh more.

  4. YES!! I totally agree with you. Our tension is always broke with a laugh. It’s our common ground. If there is ever tension in the air, it’s kinda unspoken that we’ll sit together and watch an episode of a funny show, then we can ease back into conversation. Great post, and great encouragement. Thanks for sharing.

  5. “I believe wholeheartedly that laughter is one of the best remedies for a broken marriage.” –I could not agree more! My husband and I have been through over 10 moves together, military life struggles, “bad sheep” family members, and going from 1 to 5 kids in a 13 month period ages ::as of now:: 2,3,4,5 and 10. The main thing that keeps us from you know, throwing the other off a bridge is laughter! We have even created this “pet name”, crazy cakes to stop us in pur tracks during an arguement and veer us to laughing it off and discussing it rationally.

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