Becoming One: A 30-Day Devotional for Wives

Are you ready to have a deeper, more intimate connection with your husband while also growing closer to the Lord? My devotional “Becoming One” will encourage and equip you to do just that!

When I got married, I realized that there were not a lot of helpful, biblical resources out there for young or newly-married wives! I began to notice that a lot of wives in their first few years of marriage were really struggling. They needed practical marriage advice explaining what to do about certain situations such as finance problems, who does household chores, what to do about extended family issues, etc. None of those topics were covered in a standard devotional. Then the idea for this devotional was born!

My prayer for this devotional is that it will help wives learn how to become one with their husbands and grow in their faith at the same time. I hope that these day-by-day topics will point them in the right direction when it comes solving their marital issues!

In this 30-Day devotional, I talk about the struggles that couples may be experiencing in their relationship, and what the Bible says about how to fix these issues.

The daily devotionals include:

Problems or struggles that couples may be experiencing in their marriage

A daily bible verse on that specific topic

Biblical advice

Reflection and Response

If you are looking for a way to invest in your marriage, this book can help you do just that! Study your way to a more Godly, passionate, and loving marriage TODAY!

I pray that this devotional will encourage wives all over the world to pursue and love their husbands fiercely, and protect and cherish the wonderful gift of marriage that God has given us!


I loved reading Madison’s devotional knowing that she understands the challenges I – as a young wife – face. She tackles the hard issues with solid, Biblical advice and I can’t wait to share this with my friends!
-Hannah Bowers
This devotional is amazing! As a new wife, this devotional is the perfect reminder on how to be a loving and caring wife. So glad I got the chance to read such an inspiring and meaningful book. Becoming One focuses on all the aspects a newly Christian couple needs to implement.
-Danielle Moore
“Becoming One” is a must for every married couple, no matter what anniversary you’re celebrating! This devotional reminds us of the love Christ showed us and how we are to love our spouses. Through this refreshing read, my heart has been renewed as both a faithful servant to the Lord and to my husband. Thank you for sharing your heart, Madison!”
-Amy Olds

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