Hidden Giants: Why You Must Identify Their Presence and Destroy Them

I am so happy to welcome the lovely Hannah Bowers as a guest poster today! She is a blogger over at www.young-wives.com and she has some great biblical insight to share with you on how to get rid of those giants that consume your life. Check it out and leave her a sweet and encouraging comment below!

Four years ago, I was in a rough place. What should have been an exciting, happy year turned out to be the most difficult of my entire life. I lost a loved one and three weeks later, my Dad unexpectedly went in for open heart surgery. My semi-serious boyfriend and I had a nasty falling out. I spent the next year dodging his emotionally-abusive texts and stalking. Amidst all of this, my health bottomed out and I found myself struggling with chronic, unexplained pain. Most of my peers were looking forward to graduation and college. All I wanted was a moment to catch my breath. A moment of calm so that I could actually figure out what to do next.


In the middle of it all, I didn’t recognize that I had a giant in my life. In fact, from my perspective, I was merely struggling to emotionally cope with the firestorm. I would get past this…eventually. All I had to do was ride the waves. At least, that’s what I thought would be my story.


When it comes to giants, we often ignore their presence in our lives. It’s a lot easier to pretend they – fear, anxiety, bitterness, anger, regret – don’t exist. We think we are managing well. Our lives “move on,” but we quickly become immune to the drastic impact they have on who we are. Once they are “normal” parts of our daily lives, we struggle to differentiate them from everything else. And in the process, these giants keep us from being able to step forward into whatever God has prepared next.


The Lord your God will bring you into the land that you are entering and that you will have as your own. As you go in, he will force out these nations: the Hittites, Girgashites, Amorites, Canaanites, Perizzites, Hivites, and Jebusites—seven nations that are stronger than you. (Deuteronomy 7:1 NCV)


In Deuteronomy, we find the Israelites facing giants of their own. These nations were bigger and more powerful. Yet, God is calling them to boldly go in with the purpose of permanently wiping them off the face of the earth. It sounds a little harsh, but the Lord was protecting his children. He knew that if these nations were allowed to remain, they would persuade the Israelites to abandon the faith.


In the people’s mind, they didn’t see seven nations they could defeat. They saw seven powerful armies that would wipe them off the face of the earth. From their perspective, these giants were just too great to battle. And, if it weren’t for the Lord’s next words, they probably would have done everything in their power to coexist rather than conquer.


The Lord your God will hand these nations over to you, and when you defeat them, you must destroy them completely. Do not make a peace treaty with them or show them any mercy. (Deuteronomy 7:2 NCV)


Despite the voices that said this was impossible, the Lord promised to go with them. He promised them that he would bring them victory and deliver them safely home. To the Israelites, these nations were giants. But to God, victory was not only possible, it was the plan.


Four years ago, the giant in my life was learning to trust again. Despite my attempts to gracefully handle the storm, I was drowning. After my difficult breakup, I was so afraid to trust anyone. I viewed others through the lens of “this person is going to hurt me” and adamantly kept people at arm’s length. What I had justified as living well enough was really the definition of oppression and shame in my life. It was consuming me. My giants were growing too large to conceal and, if the Lord hadn’t intervened when he did, I can only imagine how much more guarded I would have become every day.


Just as the Israelites experienced fear when facing their giants, I was very afraid to defeat my own. Giants don’t like to be defeated and permanently removed. It’s not in their nature. In fact, Satan plants these giants in our lives with the goal of intimidating us so we won’t even attempt to overcome them.


The giants in our life can be frightening, but every day we allow them to exist we are letting fear keep us from doing what God has called us to. Giants limit our potential. They restrict our ability to faithfully follow where Christ leads and slowly replace our faith with doubt of God Most High.


Today, I challenge you to take the first step to identify and destroy your giants. Spend some time asking the Lord to reveal their presence. Ask him to help you isolate them and defeat them. Hold fast to the promise that God goes before you in victory. Believe that his power is enough and rejoice! If you are willing to endure the journey, Christ will be faithful to bring you victory over the unwelcome invaders in your life.




Hannah Bowers is a passionate follower of Jesus Christ, compelling speaker, and founder of the
Young Wives Club. Currently residing in Colorado Springs with her handsome husband, you
will most likely find her multitasking with her laptop, the laundry, and a food concoction in the
kitchen. For more great thoughts from Hannah, visit young-wives.com.

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6 Replies to “Hidden Giants: Why You Must Identify Their Presence and Destroy Them”

  1. This is so good. Taking the time to see what each of our giants are is so important to overcoming them. We can’t allow Satan to get us off track.

  2. Hannah’s testimony is so powerful and just shows how awe-struckening our God is.
    These big requests come from a big God. We may be facing big giants but He is always greater and never leaves us. I just love that.
    What a wonderful praise report that you have faced your giants and ended in victory. I was always told that God gives His toughest battles to His toughest warriors.
    You friend, are a tough warrior 🙂

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