A Love Letter to My Husband on a Day When I Don’t Feel Too Good about Myself

To my sweet husband,

I know you probably get tired of hearing me complain on days like this.

Some days I just wake up, look in the mirror, and realize how disgusted I am with myself. The way I look, the way I talk, and the way I dress just repulses me at times. I ramble on about how my pants are too tight, my face is broken out, and my hair just won’t do what I want it to do. I complain about my failures and tell you how I’m a horrible wife whose house isn’t spotless or even remotely clean for that matter. I don’t always have everything together. I get lazy and run behind on things. I don’t always love you like I should and that burns me to my core.

I get moody and irritated. I tell myself that I’m nowhere near where I need to be. I make myself miserable and start feeling less than enough. It makes me start to doubt if I will ever be the person I want to be or the wife that God calls me to be. It’s an ongoing cycle of attacking myself.

In all of that, you just listen and watch me. Never agreeing with a word I say.

Before I know it, you’ve cupped your hands around my face, looked me in the eyes, and kissed me on my lips. I can tell by your gaze that you see me as the most beautiful girl the world has ever known. You wrap your arms around me, and tell me that none of what I said is true. You really don’t even have to say those words for me to understand what you mean. Your actions prove it all, and it completely melts my heart.


love letter


I don’t know what I ever did to deserve you, but I’m so grateful to God that I have you as my husband, my best friend and my soulmate. You remind me in simple yet extravagant ways that I’m a priceless child of God and your treasured wife. Not only do you remind me how you see me, but you also remind me of how God sees me. When I feel down and disgusted with myself and my actions, you help me remember that I have been redeemed. Jesus saved me from my wretched mess by dying on a cross 2,000 years ago.

Jesus thought I was worth saving so much that he gave up His own life for me. He saw all of my many failures, imperfections, and shortcomings and still called me beautiful and treasured. He saw the good parts of me that I have yet to see and He fell completely and utterly in love with me. Just like you did.

You help me see the good in myself when it is just not evident to me. Your unconditional, selfless love breaks through all of my doubts and failures and lets me know that I am truly cherished. I am loved just the way I am by you and my Heavenly Father. Nothing will ever change that, regardless of what I think of myself.


love letter husband


I just want to thank you for never giving up on me, and for choosing to always see the best in me regardless of my failures. You and God are the reason I keep going every day and why I work so hard to be the best wife I can be. I will be by your side until the end of time, and I can only pray that I make you feel as special as you have made me feel. I can’t begin to possibly explain how much I love you. I am so honored to be your wife, and that will never, ever change.


Love your wife,

10 Replies to “A Love Letter to My Husband on a Day When I Don’t Feel Too Good about Myself”

  1. What a beautiful post! I can relate to this as I’m incredibly hard on myself and often vocal to him about these insecurities. I am thankful that God uses my husband at times to minister to me and remind me of who I am in God’s eyes. I think while self-reflection is good, if our self-reflection turns into a bashing session, it can hurt more than it can help. Thank you for sharing such a sweet letter!

  2. That was so beautiful. I totally relate. I beat up on myself all the time. Like you, God has blessed with with a husband who shows me nothing but unconditional love. Thank you for sharing your heart. You are beautiful inside and out.

    1. Thank you so much Diane. Good husbands are most definitely a gift from God. You deserve someone who will see your beauty inside and out! You are the sweetest ❤

  3. This brought tears to my eyes while I was reading it. This is so beautiful! I know that on days that I’m not feeling good about myself, I search for anything and everything to feel bad about. He picks up on that usually and reassures me that he loves me. Sometimes when he can tell that I’m having one of those days through my voice over the phone (he calls me everyday when he’s on his way home from work), then he’ll stop and get me some chocolate or a Dr. Pepper. 🙂
    What did I do to deserve that kind of love from someone? It reminds me of how God loves us. Men are supposed to treat their wives as God treats the church and I can definitely see how that is so. I am so thankful for my husband and his relationship with God to know that I’m supposed to be treated like how God treats the church. 🙂
    I loved this letter. I just might have to forward it to my husband, because it was right on. <3

    1. That is so precious Kayla! My husband calls me everyday when he gets off of work/school as well, I thought we were the only ones that did that ☺️ You are so right and it is so wonderful to have a husband who loves you like Christ loves the church. I know I definitely don’t deserve the love my husband gives me! Forward on girl ❤

  4. Sounds like you have a great husband. What a gift! The way he makes you feel is real. You are beautiful inside and out. God loves you!

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